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Puppy Training

One to one training in the comfort of your home

and local areas. Your 5 lesson package covers all the fundation skills that you need to ensure a really strong start for your puppy. We cover everything from biting to leash skills within the lessons.

5 lesson packages cost £210 in most areas of Edinburgh. This price includes all the treats we use in lessons plus a free clicker which will be used in the lessons.


Intermediate Lessons

Most people who chose to do the puppy course go on to do intermediate lessons. When your dog begins to be a bit more independant and free thinking, these lessons can prove to be valuable in trying times. We tend to work on good manners, focus, and add more skills to the puppy set of skills.Puppy will have continously changing needs, so its wise to be ahead of the game.

These lessons also cost £210 for 5, 1- hour sessions.


Advanced Lessons

If you have a working breed or a dog who just thrives on learning (most do!) , our intermediate lessons bring in lots of interesting tasks that can be incorporated into daily walks and home life.

We tend to tailor these lessons to your dogs breed an ability. Alternatively many people chose to use the advanced lessons to perfect the skills we cover in the first 2 packages.

We are very flexible with lesson content and strive to give everyone what they need most.

Again, these 5 lesson packages cost £210 inclusive of treats and travel.


Behaviour Therapy

Consultations are 90 minutes to 2hrs initially and are charged at £50 per hour plus travel costs.

Every 1 Hour visit thereafter costs £45 pus travel costs.


Online Courses

We are proud to present The Good Dog Level 1 Training Course.

The course is a 6 week video course which can be taken at any pace.

There are 5 video lessons per week which are clear and easy to follow.

The course is £60 in total and will set you in good stead for the future.

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